It is so important to document your special day that so that it will last forever.

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I capture timeless & cinematic photos. I love to photographs real laughs and true moments

Hi. I am CJ. I am a full time wedding, elopement and couples photographer based in Utah. I have been doing photography since 2017. I am running my wedding photography business because I love to capture true moments of love and happiness. I had a chance to work with a documentary photographer in Korea back in 2016. I found my passion through him. I loved how he interacted with people, and how he captured the special moments in their lives. So, I decided to become a photographer one day. I took my first photography class in college, and I found my passion for saving memories through a camera. I love photography.

I grew up in Seoul, South Korea. I lived in Hawaii for an year in 2012, and started living in Utah in 2017. I met my wife Jessica here in Utah while doing photography. She modeled in some portrait shoots for me. Now, we have a Siberian husky dog named Sora, and a daughter named Evelyn (Jisoo is her Korean name). Literally, photography brings me joy and love.

My passion in photography is documenting genuine moments and authentic love stories just like scenes in a movie. One of my favorite love story movies is called "About Time". I love how the main couple in the movie interact with each other, and the way the movie shows their raw moments, and their unique love story. On their wedding day, the girl wears a red wedding dress, and their wedding march song is Jimmy Fontana by Il Mondo. There is a rain storm, so everyone at there ends up getting completely wet, but everyone still enjoyed the wedding, and especially the main couple. You could truly see the raw enjoyment of the couple. It was filmed so beautifully. I love raw moments like this. I believe the real you is the most beautiful you.

little fun facts about Cj

- Very Good Chef (Wife confirmed)

- Listens to Mandolin Orange songs

- Lived in Hawaii for a year

- Loves Marvel movies

- Believes in Christ

- Loves plants and animals

- Obsessed with natural lights

- Favorite cereal is Lucky Charms

I'm all about giving you a good experience

My work is known for being timeless and cinematic. I believe that the best photos are taken in the moments when you feel like yourself. I aim to take natural and candid photos because I want you to look back on each photoshoot and remember how fun and enjoyable it was and the real feelings you guys felt and still feel for each other. I hope that your photos can become a treasure to be shared with others and that when your grandchildren look at the photos they can feel the same feelings that you guys did on that day.

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