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okay. so now you got to know about me, and my work.

it's time to talk what you can expect from me. i am a photographer who loves candid shots, authentic interactions between you guys, true moments, and the special moments you will want to remember forever. Here are my offers for your day






wedding day



Couple session is the best for engagements, reminding weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and just updating couple photos. If you are a candid shot lover, and ready to have a fun date with your lover, I'm so down to be there with you guys as a helper to make you guys date even more memorable.

You'll have an hour session with me.

It comes with 100+ photos, so many creatives and artsy shots as well.

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Starts At: $250

Starts At: $300

Starts At: $800

Starts At: $600

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28 Dec, 2020

Zac &


CJ has such an artistic eye! Even though my husband and I don’t have any modeling experience and tend to feel awkward and shy in front of the camera, CJ has a way of making us feel comfortable and facilitates an enjoyable photoshoot session. He goes out of his way to capture special moments that turn out beautiful in photos. He deeply cares about his work and puts so much effort into providing us with the best experience and end-result. We love CJ so much as an artist and close friend, and are excited for future photoshoot sessions with him!